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Twin plug

Started by Mick Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Lots of reasons for going to twin spark such as less timing, cooler more complete burn and a more detonation resistant engine.

Here's some jigs for drilling for a second plug

  • Mick

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Mick Accepted Answer
Found some more info from a page on 2 cylinder aero engines including plans for a jig. Looks like it it is a slightly different jig from the previous photos as the angle is 58 degrees instead of 55. Bit more info on how to drill the holes though.

Vw_second_plug0001.pdf (590kb)
Vw_second_plug0002.pdf (332kb)
Vw_second_plug0003.pdf (514kb)
Vw_second_plug0004.pdf (371kb)
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