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  • As well as doing a bit of work on the engine I also decided to fit the adjustable spring plates that I got from Pat Brown.

    My old spring plates were only supposed to be a temporary measure and were more than a bit of a hack job (just check out the photos to see what I mean), so it was long overdue that they were replaced. Swapping the old and new spring plates was pretty straight forwards with the only real 'issue' being that the brake line to the caliper runs through a hole in the old spring plate so the spring plate needed to be cut to remove it. The new spring plates are slotted to accommodate the brake line. Once fitted I took some time to set the height so that I could measure up for new rear shocks. One of the rear shock bolts had come undone causing some damage to the shock. These are stock length units and are too long so it's time for some new ones to go along with the new spring plates.

    For future reference, with the rim level with the wheel arch the shock length is 15 1/2"

    I can totally recommend Pats spring plates and the other VW goodies that he makes. Top quality gear.
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