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  • Picked up some fittings to run my replacement oil lines with. I'm going for hard lines this time as my previous flexible line got pinched when I bottomed out on a pot hole. Basically hard lines from the engine along the moustache bar, then flexible hose across to the chassis and hard lines from there through the filter and cooler. Should be a lot more durable and means that there will only bet two small flexi-hoses in the entire system which will be very easy to swap out, which I generally do every few years.

    It's worth noting that normally oil hose only has a working temperature of up to 200 degrees (F) which is pretty close to the normal operating temps that air cooled run at. This means that it degrades a lot faster than it would on a water cooled car. The hose gets hard and can fatigue and crack. It's worthwhile checking and changing your oil hoses every few years
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