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Our Aim.

Our aim is to connect VW owners and provide an online space where people can share air-cooled VW projects, promote events, products and websites, post photos and videos and connect with other VW enthusiasts, both locally and globally.

But wait... Doesn't Facebook already do that?

Social media is a big part of everyones day to day life, and unfortunately websites like VDubber are slowly becoming replaced by Facebook groups, but the issue that we find with modern social media like Facebook is that shortly after you have made your post, it generally disappears off of the bottom of the page, never to be seen again. If you've ever been unable to find a post you just read 5 minutes ago, you'll know what I mean. This really sucks if you are trying to keep track of your restoration project, or even if you would jusst like to see all of the info in one place.

So VDubber is a space to keep track of your restoration projects and custom builds that keeps all of your posts in one, easy to find VW friendly place. You are in control of your own page, with it's own photo and video galleries, in one easy to find location, along with others all doing the same.

Rather than try to work against the Social Media giants (as we would be kidding ourselves to think that we could do it any better) we have tried to make our content work WITH them. All of our content can be easily shared with your favourite social media accounts, and you will find a 'share' button on every page / group / photo / video / post / etc for just this reason. The cool thing is that when it posts the content it does it in an elegant way that links back to the original content.