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My Tuppaware Porsche 356. It's a bit of a time-warp. Whilst it was built back in the 1980's it has never actually been completed. It was built by a company called Auto Styling, who were based in Perth but have long since closed down. I'm the third owner and hopefully it will get to see the road at some point.

There's a heap of work that's been done already, but there's also a heap of work that still needs to be completed. There's also a heap of work that I would like to re-do as parts availability in the 1980's left a bit to be desired and so there have been lot's of creative solutions employed.

My plans are to get the car assembled and roadworthy and then use it for a while to give it a bit of a shakedown. Then once I am happy I'll strip it all down again and paint it.

Ironically the molds for this car still exist and are owned by a fella in Adelaide who also has a similar looking speedster. Small world eh.
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