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  • Did a fair bit of work over the long weekend, just haven't had a chance to post it yet.

    First thing I did was to make a an arbor and cutter for decking heads. I considered buying one already made, they're not really that expensive, but decided to make one. For me this is half the fun of tinkering with old cars. Not just the job itself, but making the tools to do the job. I turned down some aluminium stock to fit a steel spigot. I then milled to the aluminium arbor to accept standard HSS tool stock. I ground the tool stock with a 5 degree clearance on the face and underside. I left the end of the tool as it was but the cut finish dod not come out too great on the internal diameter so will regrind this.

    The results were acceptable. a small amount of noise from the cut, mostly as my mill does not go slow enough but the finish is easily good enough and will make a nice seal with some minor lapping.

    I also fitted the exhaust valve seats into the head. I stored the seats in the deep freeze overnight and heated the heads up on the BBQ. The seats tapped in nice and easy. I then started to cut the seats but was not happy with the play in the valve guide. I initially thought this okay but after cleaning everything up there is a little too much play with the valve in the guide. I've got some new ones on order so will wait until I've fitted those before finishing the seats off
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